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About Us

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Our Strategy

Early Analysis

At Nash Connors, our attorneys provide an early and accurate analysis to clients about their litigation exposure. We want to answer questions such as “What are our chances of victory?” and “What will this cost?” as early as possible to help our clients manage their litigation exposure. We constantly update these forecasts as the case unfolds to keep our clients updated on these very important questions.

Ready for Trial

In order to successfully handle a lawsuit, you have to choose an attorney who is willing to take the steps necessary to prepare a case for trial. That’s why we aim to get every file we handle ready for trial. Cases that are trial-ready send the message to your opponent that you’re serious about a lawsuit and give you a tactical advantage in settlement negotiations. That’s the Nash Connors, P.C. way of handling cases.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our business is to protect our clients’ businesses. When our clients face litigation we know the two major concerns are the cost of a potentially protracted lawsuit, and the disruption to their operations. That is why we always review each case for alternative methods of resolving the dispute. Whether it is through mediation or arbitration, we explore every avenue to resolve lawsuits in an economical manner that meets the needs and goals of our client. That being said, while we explore alternative solutions, we vigorously prepare each case for trial. Each step of the way, we consult with the client to ensure their wishes, goals and concerns are addressed. There are times when a lawsuit is unavoidable, and in those cases, we bring decades of combined experience to the courtroom to advocate for you. But before that day arrives, we put our experience as successful arbitrators to work and strive to reach advantageous resolution for our client.